3 Points to Help Reg and Any Business Owner Niche Down

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Yesterday we shared 3 points on helping Reg and many other business owners to stand out.

Today it’s about 3 points on helping him niche down.

Because the riches are in the niches….

So let’s begin.

  1. Analyse Market Needs and Pain Points: Reg should focus on identifying the specific needs and pain points within his sector. This could involve conducting market research to understand what specific challenges organisations are facing today in his sector.
  2. Leverage His Unique Expertise: Given Reg’s extensive experience in specific areas with Fortune 500 companies, he could position himself as a specialist in designing and implementing compliance frameworks, especially for sectors with stringent regulatory requirements like finance, healthcare, and technology. His background in ethics and compliance for regions like the Middle East and Africa can also be a unique selling point.
  3. Target a Specific Industry or Service: To further niche down, Reg can focus on a specific industry where his experience and skills are most relevant. For example:
    • Finance Sector: Offering specialized compliance and risk management services for financial institutions, addressing regulatory frameworks like SOX, FCPA, and UKBA.
    • Healthcare Sector: Providing risk management and compliance services to healthcare providers, ensuring adherence to regulations such as HIPAA.
    • Technology Sector: Focusing on cybersecurity risk management and compliance, leveraging his experience with software companies like VMware.

By narrowing down to a specific niche, Reg can develop a deeper understanding of his target market’s unique challenges and position himself as the go-to expert in that area.

And it goes without saying I’d also have Reg speak to his best clients over the year and find out why they loved doing business with him as a person.  Their insights will help him identify the specific niche and what makes him stand out in their eyes and those of potential clients like them.

In about 3 weeks we have our next Profit and Dine Series coming up. Stay tuned for more details … Spoiler Alert:  It’s all about standing out from your competition so you attract the customers you want at the price and terms you desire.


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