A Cessna and Fate

In a quaint little town, lived Thomas and his wife, Amelia. Together, they had built a thriving business called “Dreamcatchers TA,” a company that specialised in handcrafted dreamcatchers and other artisanal goods.

Thomas was a master craftsman, pouring his heart and soul into each piece he created. Amelia was managing the back end – finance and book keeping.

They had both a strong marriage and business. Their employees were loyal and loved pushing the business to their friends and family.

The Company was expanding online and Thomas felt confident enough to buy a stand at a big upcoming exposition in Las Vegas. He was approached by one of his main customers on the idea of a partnership and they agreed to speak more about it during the Vegas conference.

And to fly together to Vegas on the Customer’s private Cessna.

Thomas left early Monday morning without waking up his wife or children and quietly went to the private airfield. He was excited about securing a partnership that would take his 10-year company to new heights.

…It took several days to find the wreckage …

After the funeral, Amelia found herself drowning in grief, struggling to come to terms with the loss of her husband.

She was determined to keep the business they had built together alive, as it was a testament to their love, passion, and dreams. But she soon realized that Thomas was the glue that held the whole business together.

Customers left in droves… followed soon by her employees.

Amelia did her best to carry on, trying to learn the skills necessary to create the beautiful dreamcatchers that Thomas was once known for. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t quite capture the magic that her husband had woven into each piece.

Within weeks the writing was on the wall.

Amelia soon faced the painful decision to close the business that had once been the cornerstone of her life with Thomas.

She tried to sell but there were no buyers..

Not even for the physical assets of the place.

She closed the doors.

And was left with memories of love and regrets of what could have been.

Tomorrow: An Alternate Ending..

To your success and sanity,


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