A Game of Inches and Fate

business man walking a tightrope over a city

Let’s finish the week and this topic of a game of inches and how it applies to business.

I want you to imagine you have someone who wants to buy your business and has offered you a life-changing amount for it.

Do you have that amount in your head?


Keep it in mind.. as we get ready for due diligence…

(Quick disclaimer.. this is a short email and we are not even going to scratch the surface of due diligence.)

Research: Due diligence means looking into every aspect of a business, like finances, operations, legal status, employee relations, and more.

The buyer asks to see your contracts and terms of service.

You know the ones that were written from the internet to save a few bucks.

The buyer’s legal tells them the client contracts are in breach of EU regulations and that the business is facing potential fines.

“We’re sorry to inform you, but we have decided we will no longer pursue acquiring your company..…”

Unpaved Growth Paths
During due diligence the buyer looks more into the potential growth paths of the business that excited them in the first place.

A great deal was made about an expansion into a new market.

But no work has been done on it. No investments were made in research, trials or anything else.

It was on the To do list but Nothing was started ..

The buyer’s team goes back to Acquisition Target Choice B who has started on their expansion. The expansion is the most important aspect to the buyer.

“We’re sorry to inform you, but we have decided we will no longer pursue acquiring your company..…”

Do it Yourself.
You’re a master negotiator. You have always done well and have built a business you are very proud of.

Why pay a fee when you can negotiate and win the best deal for yourself.

And it worked. Before Due Diligence you flew out to see the buyer and you had great meetings, wonderful dinners and you felt like you met brothers and sisters from another mother.

You negotiated a great price and when that letter of intent came in you celebrated with your spouse in style.

Your accountant is in the loop and your general counsel too.

And due diligence begins.

And the requests from the buyers come flying in.

More and more of your time is being filled chasing this and chasing that.

Your “brothers and sisters” have changed…. Become colder…

The updated terms they sent ….

Cold, Direct, and 60% lower than the LOI price…

Your distraction from the business is showing. Numbers are down..

An email from the buyer.. demanding more documents, more answers and updated financials… and a take or leave it.. even lower price…

Every inch…. Every yard…

Every investment…. Every decision…

Thinking About Selling Your Business

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