A Powerful Week Behind And Even Better One Ahead

People meeting with thought bubbles over their heads

As we reach the end of the week, it’s time to reflect on our progress and plan for success.

This week, we covered some important topics related to business growth and development.

One key aspect that was highlighted was the importance of networking for business success.

As entrepreneurs and professionals, building a strong network is crucial in order to expand our reach and opportunities. Whether it’s attending events, joining online communities, or simply reaching out to like-minded individuals, networking allows us to exchange ideas, gain valuable insights and potentially form partnerships that can propel our businesses forward.

In addition, we are introducing the Monthly Sophiall Mastermind program which offers a platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners to collaborate and share expertise through best practices, spotlights and “hot seats”.

Being a part of such a group not only provides valuable feedback and support, but also allows for accountability and motivation to reach our goals.

And we have two workhops planned for the critical area of pricing.

The workshop, “Are You Charging What You’re Worth?” premiers on 17 January and we have included two additional dates on 26 January and 20 February (sign in links for the two new dates will be available soon) for this important topic, where we will dive deeper into strategies for determining and increasing your worth in the market.

In addition, we have the 6 February Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration Workshop with Susan Trivers which provides a comprehensive pricing approach you can implement immediately in your business.

In addition to pricing, we spoke about the value of networking and attended excellent events, including the BX Dubai Season open in the Palm on the 10th.

Building on networking and enhancing it with top quality best practices, is our Sophiall Monthly Mastermind which is launching on the 25th of January with a live wine and dine session at the Deck Restaurant in the Palm.

The monthly program includes two meetings, member spotlights and hot seats to discuss and tackle challenging issues and obstacles holding you back.

So come join us and kickoff the weekend on a high note.

To your success and sanity,


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Here are our upcoming Masterminds, Workshops and Advisory Sessions and the links you can select to find out more and sign up.

15 January “Roadblocks you Can’t Ignore” 4 Part Series. Part 1 Differentiation.


17 January “Are you Charging What you’re Worth?”


22 January “Roadblocks you Can’t Ignore” Part 2 Delegation:


25 January Sophiall Monthly Mastermind Live Launch Dinner


26 January “Are you Charging What You’re Worth?” Encore


29 January “Roadblocks you Can’t Ignore” Part 3 Pricing:


5 February “Roadblocks You Can’t Ignore” Part 4 Scaling and Fast Growth:


6 February “Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration


13 February Sophiall Monthly Mastermind Online Launch


20 February “Are You Charging What You’re Worth” Encore