An Expensive Layup

Angelo was feeling good. 

He was beating his much younger 25 year old nephew on the hard court.  They were playing for “who would pay the tab” that night and Angelo led 20 – 15 and had the ball.

He dribbled..  faked right…  switched hands and sped past his nephew dribbling with his left..  a move he perfect years before and used countless time to beat his opponents.

The path to the winning basket and his favourite whiskey and cigar were clear..

Angelo accelerated and as he gribbed the ball to launch into his layup… his foot stepped on his shoelace that broke free…


Ball flew in the air and he felt his side baptised on the hot asphalt..with his foot in a position he never thought possible…

“George, I was in the hospital for four weeks…

In the meantime the General Manager for my business “****ed” everything up. He didn’t know what he was doing and burnt through all the cash.

It took me three years to recover what he destroyed in four weeks.”

Angelo delegated but the team in place wasn’t equipped to rise to the unexpected emergency and lead the business for the few weeks he was out..

Angelo wasn’t expecting to sell his business so he never measured himself against the saleability of his own business.

But looking back, if he had made the business sellable he would have had a proper team in place.

So when the unexpected happened…. when he tapped into his inner youth…. but ended up tripping over his own shoelace… his company would have been fine.

Angelo was lucky.  It was actually not an “expensive” layup but a priceless experience.

Because he came back from the hospital and then made the business sellable.

He didn’t go back to the basketball court much after … but in his market…  he dominated and blew past his competition…  and dunked the ball on them.

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