Authentic Vibes in an AI Business World

This week, we talked about sales choreography – which is really what is the authentic experience we provide our customers. 

More and more it will be what sets us apart and created success.

Are the handshake, smile, and service all genuine? Or do you get that queezy feeling when facing the con man with the crooked smile who wants to pilfer your pockets without you noticing.

Authenticity versus fake it till you make it.

True solutions vs digital gimmicks.

The common sense reminder that real value isn’t in a domain name ending in .ai, but in the trust and value of your offerings.

Consider the contrast between Dr. Vito’s heartfelt and authentic veterinary care to the tick-infested clinic.

Who has more freedom to set his prices and have customers pay them – happily.

Who do you think gets more referrals and better, more profitable customers?

Authenticity can transform a routine transaction of a commodity into a memorable experience.

One that makes customers feel that buying from you is a no brainer – even through there are cheaper competitors howling in their ears.

Here are three takeaways you can use for authenticity if you wish:

  1. Tell Your Story: Let your audience get to know you. Share your journey, the ups and downs, and the passion that drives you. Authentic stories resonate and build connections. Show the warts and relate the mistakes.
  2. Be Consistent: Whether it’s in person or online, ensure you remain true to your principles. Consistency breeds trust, and trust is how you build loyal and enthusiastic customers.
  3. Listen and Adapt: Engage and listen to your audience. Grow with your community, not apart from it.

I’d love to hear your stories and learn more about the true you and your business.

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