Championship Systems

Spartan Soliders with Modern Weapons

Imagine owning a business where no one cares how profitable you are.

Nor the colours of your logo or how entertaining your advertising is.

Instead they judge you on one thing.

Do you bring trophies home?

Welcome to the fascinating world of Pro sport franchises.

You don’t rank them on Cash Flow.

In fact, some would struggle, but for the TV and other entertainment rights that were negotiated on their behalf from their league.

You rank them based on how often they win and how much influence they have in their communities, countries, or in some cases, worldwide.

And they are held to a high degree of accountability.

Heck in the professional football leagues, teams get relegated and promoted every year.

One team can play in front of 60,000 fans, and with a series of bad seasons they end up playing on a field in front of 60 people who watch them shovel horse manure one hour before the whistle so they can play on a clean field.

In contrast to companies, many professional sports leagues, especially in the US, have a “communist” bent on them.

Bad teams get entitled to higher draft picks so they can improve faster, and “level the playing field.”

And yet what you often see are the same teams winning – year after year.

And the same teams losing.

Why is that so?

I’d argue systems.

You can see that teams are limited by how well they do in the standings in terms of where they are positioned to draft players, but that does not affect the critical systems they build internally for scouting and developing players.

And the Championship teams have these systems optimised.

And so they churn out consistent winners.

That’s why the same handful of teams are championship finalists year after year, while others seem to wait longer than the return of Haley’s comet to make the playoffs.

And systems are what help make a business grow and become profitable.

They provide a consistent superior customer experience that keeps people coming back and referring their friends.

Systems that regularly identify and bring in new prospects and wow them into becoming new customers.

As a business owner you cannot be the “system.” You cannot have the company dependent upon you.

Because if you are the system, then your business will live and die through you.

And it will be plagued by inconsistency, because you cannot be everywhere at once.

But instead, if you design, build and refine your systems, you have a machine that allows you to invest your time where you have the greatest impact and give you the life you want.

And position you to win the only trophy that matters.

The life you want.

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