DIY Business Limits

business man walking a tightrope over a city

Oh, man, I could just do it myself, it’s so much easier. 

And you know what?

He was right. 

He could do it himself, 

It will be much easier,

It will be much faster, 

but also meant that he can never grow. 

His issue was that it will take so long, and take so much patience to try to teach people how to do the things he wanted them to do. 

But they just didn’t seem to get it. Or they seem to switch off or leave and new ones would come back and he would have to redo the whole process over and over again. 

And so he just went ahead and did it himself. Especially when it came to customers, the ones that call and say, 

“hey, you know, your team don’t know what they’re doing. “

And he would have to rush in, save the day, and make sure that he kept that relationship going. 

So it wasn’t unusual. In fact, he felt like it was a daily occurrence and the daily frustration. 

But he also knew that he can never take on new customers. 

And he had to turn business away, because there’s only so many hours in one day, and he was already fully swamped.

Fast forward 18 months and he does not have that issue anymore. 

He has a well trained team in place. They’re accountable, they follow standard operating procedures, and they know exactly what’s expected of them. 

Now he’s able to grow not by 5%, not by 10%, but by multiples, because he has set up teams and has allocated them on the different projects according to the skills, experiences, and what they can bring to the table. 

And he knows exactly what to charge. 

And so everything runs smoothly. 

And now his days are spent on where do I take a business like this? 

What kind of partnerships do I make? 

What kind of expansions do I have? 

And that’s sure a lot better than the days where he had to ask: Why Am I answering the same question again? 

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