Does Your Business Make Your Face Red?

old sucessful happy couple

Owning a business in many ways reminds me of navigating the dating environment when I was single.

Often Temporary Paralysis from fear of embarrassment..and shame…

Do I approach the attractive girl whose eye I’m trying to catch or avoid the embarrassment if she rejects me and safely flirt with my beer instead?

Do I squeeze in the stomach.. puff out the chest..  use a deeper voice octave…

You know. fake it and hope I make it…

It wasn’t very successful until

I grew up and learned the one important lesson that ended my single days

Just be myself…

These are my values, by beliefs, my dreams, desires, the whole work and what I can provide and cannot at this time.

And the authenticity resonated and attracted my spouse who felt safe enough to share her authenticity without worrying about embarrassment or shame and years later we have married and started a family.

And as we go through the daily struggles of business this issue rears again. 

How do I share the values, beliefs, and mission of what we do and why we do it?

Who do we want…. and who do we not want to be part of our business world?

What do we provide and how does that change your life and make it better?

And how can we help the right people hear and understand what we can do – and deliver it?

Here’s a spoiler alert: The answers will tell you a great deal…

But no worries if you don’t have the answers just yet.

That is why we have our online and live Master Round Tables.

To give you a community of authentic business owners where you can share your thoughts, questions, and challenges safely and get the clarity to make the decisions to make your business give you the life you want.



To your success and sanity,



My name is George Sotiropoulos

 I’ll give you the clarity to confidently make decisions and investments that drive your business forward and give you the life you want.  

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