Does Your Price Communicate Knockoff or Quality

Patek Phillipe Complications watches can start at $35,000 – $165,000 depending on the model and are a symbol of success, elegance, and grace and a dress watch of choice.


On the other hand, a Casio MQ24-7B2 Watch will set you back $16.00 on Amazon or the price of a burger and a drink.


Both Watches will tell you the time.


Both are portable and can be worn on either hand.


Now imagine you had to impress a heavy hitter extremely affluent and high paying prospect and win the deal of a lifetime … and he asks you to show him what time it is.


Which watch would you want to show him the time?


Now imagine you have to walk 200m past a crowd of thieves to get to safety on the other side.  And they stop you and ask you to show them what time it is.


Which watch would you want to show then?


Pretty obvious .


Ok interesting example you might say..  the Phillipe is a much more interesting watch.


So let’s change this slightly.


You have the choice to buy a replica knockoff of the Phillipe for $100.  It looks just as amazing and from far away you cannot tell a difference.  Only a Phillipe fan would know right away that what you are wearing is a fake.


So you put on the fake and go to the event.


You are introduced to the prospect you want to impress.


As you go to shake his hand you notice that ….


He is wearing an authentic Patek Phillipe.


And your hand you are about to extend has your knockoff prominently showing on the wrist..


You have 3 seconds until he notices…


What do you do??


And why should you care?


There is a point about these watches.  And that is how price communicates quality.


As I mentioned both tell the time.. and when it comes to fakes..  they can actually look almost the same.


And yet… the fact that the fake is only $100… would reflect on you…. as to your honesty and what you are trying to portray.


And unfortunately, many business owners who own authentic Phillipe’s in the solutions they provide.. in the impact they make.. will look at the fakes and drop their price … to match the fakes…


And so sabotage themselves in the process.


And stall …


Don’t fall into a discount swamp…


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