Fear and Your Team

Fear holds us back, in life and in business. But when the fear of your competitors stops you from investing in upscaling your team—it can spell disaster.

Not only disaster for the business but for you, your family and your personal life.

I’ve seen it happen all too often. Businesses shy away from training their staff properly because what if they jump ship and join the competitors?

But you know what’s worse? Untrained staff leading to poor service and forcing you to do everything.

In short, you’re giving your competition an edge.

So flip the script. Train and develop your team. Make them the best.
A great team will have your competitors chasing you, trying to figure out how you do it.

Set the bar. Be the example. If you create a team that excels, your business excels. And when your business excels, your competitors start worrying about you.

Create A top-tier team and they won’t leave for greener pastures… and if one or two do.. you have the culture and process in place to quickly replace them.

Let the fear in the market be the one you and your team instils.