From Kitchen Table Bills to Worldwide Delight: Unwrap the Story

surfer under a huge wave

Let’s dive into the story of Monique Bernstein and Eli Zauner, the brains behind Universal Yums. They had started the business with a dream to share their love for snacks but soon they were hitting a wall.

Back in 2014, they were barely getting by with their online snack shop. Instead of filling orders they were navigating a kitchen table increasingly cluttered by piles of bills.

And those dreams… ?

…more like a heavy anxiety boulder…

Then came the lightbulb moment.

They thought about people like us, scattered worldwide, who might enjoy discovering new flavours beyond the local grocery store.

Why not just box up those flavours and deliver them to our door every month? That simple, yet brilliant idea sparked the birth of Universal Yums.

They poured everything into making this idea a reality. They hustled to find the best snacks from around the world, created a win-win subscription model, and launched it with fingers crossed.

And it became a hit.

Orders started flooding in, turning their financial struggles into a story of success.

Within a year, they were not just out of debt but were actually making a profit.

Their journey is more than just a business success story. It reminds us all that sometimes you don’t have to line everything in a row perfectly before you decide to move.

Because they didn’t hit their winning subscription model on one shot.. instead they tested, failed, refined, failed, retested and kept going until they hit on the right formula.

And that is what is inspiring about their story.

And why I shared it with you.

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