From the Cave to the Flip Board

caveman using a computer

Ted Prodromou (one of the LinkedIn OGs) introduced me to Alex Mandossian last month.

(If you don’t know Alex, check him out .. especially his talk on what verb you are .. which you can find here: Discover Your Verb).

In our last meeting I told him about our upcoming Profit and Dine Master Round Table and Cigar Experience event on 8 May.

And the topic of Delegation.

And on the spot he gave me one of the best talks I ever heard about Delegation.

He started with a question… “Do you know what the job of your brain is?”

The answer isn’t what normally comes to mind… thinking, solving, planning, etc.

Energy—- saving energy.

The job of your brain is to conserve energy because you never know when you might suddenly need it for a fight or flight

What’s around that corner….the bitter rival for your sweetheart’s attention or a nasty sabre tooth tiger?

So because the brain wants to conserve your energy it looks for shortcuts and other energy saving means and avoids things that look to bring you stress and anxiety.

And proper delegation brings proper peace of mind.

It spares you from the stress of doing annoying and pointless tasks that keep you from focusing on what is more important to you….  food, shelter and that sweetheart.

And it’s the first topic in our upcoming Profit and Dine Master Round Table and Cigar Experience on the 8th of May.

Come check it out.. especially if you feel you cannot afford more than a few days away from the office.

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