Grow the Business Without Flashing the Badge…

ww2 soldier in a modern office

Earlier we related how George Business Advisor GPT was asked 3 tips for growing a business.  The first two steps were Differentiation and Scalability. The 3rd step, which I’ll talk about today is Creating a Growth Culture.

  1. Cultivate a Growth Culture: Establish a company culture that encourages growth and innovation. This involves having a clear company vision and mission, empowering your employees, and fostering an environment of trust and accountability.

 A growth culture also means focusing on future strategies and delegating day-to-day operations to a reliable management team, allowing you to concentrate on long-term goals and scalability.

Growing your business without having to be everywhere at once and making all the decisions will make your business….  fun again.

It will also make it more profitable, easier to run, and ultimately put more cash in your pocket and really be the key to the cliché aspiration…. Live the life you want.

It’s not just platitudes and pie in the sky affirmations.

It’s sound business.

Because as I say (especially in my Sophiall promotions) you either own a business that is a wealth building ASSET or a Time consuming JOB.

So what does a growth culture provide?

Empowerment, Opportunity  and Accountability

It means a culture where you have both 100% accountability and innovation. 

Where people are empowered but also accountable for the empowerment.

Let’s take an example from a friend of mine, “Henry” who took over the management of a printing business here in Dubai.

He came in to focus on growing the business throughout the region and he knew he could only do that if he freed himself from the day to day operations.

His predecessor had stagnated by insisting that every decision go through him.

Henry on the other hand focused on the culture first.  He got rid of 25% of the staff who were never going to help in the new program and focused on training up the rest of the staff to take on more responsibilities and bigger challenges.

He also brought clarity as to what was expected of everyone, what they would be measured upon, and how they should communicate with each other.


And the results were dramatic.

Soon his business was at its most profitable and taking on many more clients than previously.

His staff were engaged, happy and productive because they not only saw true paths of progression but the accountability and opportunity made them eager to come to work every day.

And it all came from leading by example and instilling a growth culture into a business that was stagnant and stuck.

How about you? Are you a business owner enjoying the fruits of a growth culture or a glorified policeman.


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