Handling 5x the Crowd at the Door

“If five times as many customers came to your door today, how well could you handle the extra flow, from easy to impossible?”

It’s a fun question to ask.

And leads to great discussions with my clients.

As it gets to the heart of how much room they have to grow today before needing to invest in more capacity.

Often the answers and insights are surprising.

Clients who felt trapped that they had “maxed out” actually realised they could bundle and offer certain services that could skyrocket their business without adding any costs or needing new staff.

One of my clients realised he had a whole inventory of complementary products to sell with his services that he was neglecting.

So he focused on cross selling and up selling the products over the next few weeks, and ended up hitting his best revenue targets in years – all without acquiring any new customers or investing in any new advertising.

I had another client who made uniforms, with a focus on school uniforms.

She had tried to sell the business but didn’t like the offers she was receiving.

As we went through her business, it was obvious she had a great story to sell. She could easily double production without any extra capital investment.

The ability and potential to expand her business under a new set of hands were key assets that she leveraged to help her nearly double the offer for her business.

If your business has room to grow, it can be more attractive than another business that’s the same size and has the same profits but is already at capacity.

How about you and your business?

Can you handle 5x the volume?

Would you like to be able to do so?

Thinking About Selling Your Business

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The best part is these benefits start today. Even if you don’t want to sell, your business will put more money in your pocket, free your time, and be more enjoyable to run.

But you need to start getting ready now. Don’t be like the 7 out of 10 business owners who put it off until tomorrow and then find out they’re stuck with profitable businesses that no investor wants to buy, or child wants to inherit.

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