Help! There’s a Brand Identity Crisis Around Here!


There’s a Brand Loyalty Crisis is the top headline in my Linkedin dashboard today.

Sounds really serious..

A crisis on par with the fighting in Ukraine?

A crisis on par with water shortages creeping up in more and more areas?

Or a crisis because it’s a cool word to put in a headline?

What the hell is “brand loyalty” anyways…. Seriously….

When you speak to your customers do you ask them about their loyalty to your brand?

When I pick up my kids from nursery which question of the three do I not ask?

A) Did they sleep?
B) Did they eat
C) Did they practice their brand loyalty?

And this in a nutshell is the problem so many of us business owners face.
The buzzwords, the jargon, the inflated claims – all this utter BS while we’re trying to navigate the real challenges of our businesses.

A parade of “experts” keen to confuse us with grandiose terms and daunting concepts.

Keen to pick our pockets behind big words and scary concept…

But I digress…

Simply, the article is talking about how consumers have become more picky and will not stay with one solution provider.

And their solution is technological.. marrying the brand to the latest technological gadgets and apps.

Which would require more money, more subscriptions, more frustration…

Let’s cut the C**P.

People are not leaving because of a “brand loyalty crisis” that needs AI apps.

They’re leaving because they are tired of being treated badly.

Tired of the terrible customer service.

Tired of dealing with a company’s worst employees, under its worst managers, and being treated as guineau pigs, even though it’s their purchases that pay everyone’s salaries.

And so I get it…

The fact is that many of these company leaders were raised in a customer service culture and attitude where it was all about maximising the profit on every deal.

A mindset honed by centuries of cutthroat markets where negotiation skills were a matter of survival. A winner-takes-all attitude prevailed, with no room for compromise or shared victories.

But here’s the problem..

People have much more choice today and have experienced much better service than what the haggle masters wish to employ.

And so they switch..

And although technological toys are very cool… it’s not where an owner should invest their time and resources if the underlying experience is weak.

Start there… and watch your business grow and your phone ring off the hook.

After all, the bad service companies are sending thousands of customers who have jumped off their boat and swimming desperately to you..

Be ready to pick them up..

To your success and sanity,

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