He’s a Murderer… Am I a Business Prophet?

In October of 1987 my high school American Football team was mired in a 1 win season.

To entertain ourselves and let off the frustration of getting our butts kicked in every direction, several of my teammates and myself would shoot short comedy videos where we parodied our coaches.

I played the head coach and his attempts to motivate us were rich sources of comedy. The poor guy was trying his best to positively motivate us but we were so bad that the messages had no credibility and so were farcical.

Anyways in one episode I am playing the head coach and doing the game day motivating speech where I somehow bring in motivating lessons from Bismarck’s unification of Germany to the running back prowess of OJ Simpson.

“Boy’s you got to have blood and steel from Bismarck and be like OJ Simpson..  a MURDERER..”

Yes I called it and used those words…

Now this was 7 or so years before OJ actually did commit the double murders that made him infamous.

Did that mean I was some sort of prophet?

Of course not… but if I am like half the charlatans you see trying to get you to buy stuff, I would find that clip and share it all over social media and say how I called OJ being a murderer and so you should listen to my ability to tell the future.

It’s crazy, but it happens all the time. People make one right prediction and suddenly they’re seen as the ultimate expert that businesses must base their decisions on.

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