How a Bored Date.. Led to Business Success

I was losing her..

Not only was she bored..

She was exasperated.. her hands running through her hair in frustration – and definitely not in desire.

As I tried to sell her..  on me..

With increasingly desperate platitudes, cliches and all the stuff I thought she wanted to hear.

Until the date mercifully ended

And I drove home with one positive result…

The realisation that I just needed to be true to myself… and it would have ended in a much different way..

Because ironically, she was attracted when we first shook hands but it was the “trying to impress her” that bored her to death and killed it.

So I vowed not to be cliché ever again..

Which I applied over the next decade to successfully meet and marry my wife and have kids.

And this lesson applies even more to business.

But it starts with a paradox.

To attract those you want – you need to focus just as much or even more on repelling those you don’t want.

Trying to be attractive and liked by everyone is a recipe for mediocrity and disaster.

Finding the right audience, understanding their core desires, and creating the solutions they seek is the recipe for success.

So you want to actively send the wrong audience away (or even better to your competition).

In the beginning it can be challenging..

But once you are clear on why you do what you do, and who you want to work with and who you don’t… it becomes a lot easier and it provides more powerful results.

And makes it easier to be heard by the right people.

How about you? Do you struggle to stand out and be heard?

If so, learn how to make yourself heard so you can capture the full value of what you provide,

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Details to follow in the next few days.


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