I Think She Likes Me

guy sitting alone at a bar

I have a confession to make.

When I was single in my early 20s I was absolutely woeful at being able to pick up a girl at a club.

I was very confused as I had all the usual boxes checked..

  • Good Salary – Check
  • Decent Car – Check
  • 6 Pack Fit – Check (people don’t believe me today that was the case until I show them the pics …)
  • Relatively Good looking – Check

And my good friend was even worse than me. 

He checked all the boxes and looked like a model but ….  A typical night out would go like this…

we would both be sitting at the bar…

we would notice an attractive girl.. he would make eye contact … and then nothing.

We sat paralysed at our table as he would incessantly say to me …

“I think she smiled at me… you think she likes me?”


5 minutes later…

“I’m going to go over there.. but let’s have a quick beer…


15 minutes later…

“ I think she likes me…”


10 minutes later…

We are still at the table and by this time she is long gone or speaking to some other guy.

“I’m sure she liked me.. did you see her look over…?”

I had to switch the subject…”look the Bulls are on….”


Anyways we grew up, matured a bit and once I didn’t care anymore about impressing strangers or putting pretty girls on a pedestal, the problem disappeared.

Once I was confident in who I was and willing to differentiate myself by being natural – I had no more problems dating.

Eventually I married and now we live in Dubai with 2 beautiful daughters.

So what does this have to do with business?

Everything because it’s the discipline of differentiation.

The ability to not be like all the others and ignored.

To know what makes you special and attract those who value it and want to spend time with you.

Which we talk about in our Roadblocks Advisory Session today on Differentiation.

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