Information is a Commodity—Experience Stands Unique

I get asked if I ever worry about AI “stealing” my stuff and making the education I provide “free.”.

No I’m not…

Not because my information is so unique..

It’s not..  it’s commoditised like all information..

But what is not commoditised is the discernment around the information that creates unique experiences.

The touch of your spouse.. or the feeling when you see your newborn child come into the world for the first time can be talked about in books and AI articles but the experience is unique to me.

And so the challenge for us is how to produce those unique experiences for our clients so they go to AI for the commodities and come to us for the value.

Like this Friday at our Profit and Dine event at the Deck Restauarnt in the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

The exercise we will do here I can describe in an email but the experience will only be provided live.  And hence the value.

When every business owner who participates gets to experience the aha moment.. when he knows what will immediately kick start new growth and can start immediately..

Anyone now the Chat GPT prompt for that?

If you are a Service Business Owner in Dubai come and experience something unique on 8 March 2024 from 6 – 9 PM.  Sign up here for less than one of the overpriced French Wines you find in Dubai.

And enjoy an all inclusive 4 course dinner with unlimited soft drinks and coffees.

And then email me on the 15th and tell me the success you’ve had…


P.S. And for everyone else (especially the majority of you outside Dubai, Join us online for actionable insights without the hefty price tag. Sign up here for the launch of our Online Mastermind session on 12 March 2024 11 AM EST / 3 PM GMT / 7 PM GST.)