Is your Business Just a “One Night Stand?”

couple at a bar

I have friends whose spouses were orginally “one night stands” that developed into a more serious and permanent relationship.

What started with passion and lust became love and commitment and eventually children and a legacy.

So what does that have to do with your business?


For those of you who eventually want to exit or have a legacy with your business you have to move it beyond flash in the pan one night stand material.

You have to have a growth potential to your business that make investors keen to form a long term relationship.

Think of it this way.

Identifying and seizing growth opportunities not only propels your company forward but also significantly enhances its appeal to investors.

Think of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn.

In 2016, Microsoft announced its decision to purchase LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

It raised a bunch of eyebrows, but at its core, this acquisition was driven by the LinkedIn’s Growth Potential.

  1. A High-Quality B2B Database: LinkedIn’s vast network of professionals offered a huge and attractive B2b database, a treasure trove of data that Microsoft could leverage across its business solutions.
  2. A Natural Audience for Microsoft Products: With millions of professionals using LinkedIn for career development and networking, Microsoft found a ready audience for its productivity tools and services.
  3. A Strategic Fit for Microsoft’s Client Base: LinkedIn’s platform seamlessly complemented Microsoft’s offerings, enhancing value for existing customers while opening doors to new ones.

This strategic acquisition was not just about buying a platform; it was about investing in potential—the potential for integration, innovation, and growth that LinkedIn offered.

Microsoft saw beyond the present, envisioning a future where LinkedIn’s capabilities would magnify their own, justifying the big investment they did and which has been seen as worth it.

The lesson here is clear: Is your Business “Long Term Relationship” material with attractive paths of growth?

Can you start from today thinking through the eyes of a potential investor and begin making your business more attractive to create potential life changing opportunities?

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