Lost in a Mob of Discount Zombies

crowd of Zombies

I sell facebook and Instagram ads and I’m struggling.. just a handful of clients demanding constant discounts..”

I find it hard to compete when there are so many others offering to do the advertising for dollars a day… they show me that and tell me my prices are way too high…

so my client told me..

When I asked her how she describes her business to prospective clients she gave me a puzzled look and then answered..

“I tell them I sell facebook and Instagram ads.. what do you mean?”

What I meant is she described her business as if she was telling the tax man what she does for a living.

That’s great for the tax authorities, but if it commoditises her like it did in her case, it’s a disaster for business.

She pretty much told potential clients she is a vanilla ad buyer commodity.

That they can google her “sell facebook and Instagram ads” and she is now in a cesspool of a market where there are millions claiming the same thing and trying to fight for the lowest penny.

So when she does land a client, they tend to be the worst of the worst.

Cheap skates who would suck her dry to pat themselves on the back that they won a $10 discount.

I asked her about her best clients.. the ones referred to her that she didn’t pick up as a commodity.

What were their results? How happy were they?

In short.. she smashed it for them.

Gave one a ridiculous positive ROI on their ad spend

Did so well with another that they wanted to roll all their marketing into her facebook and Instagram ad buys (which she objected to them saying it was a dumb strategic move to put all the eggs in one basket).

She did it by applying her proprietary methodology and then utilising facebook and Instagram to execute the strategy.

“So let me get this straight…your returns for these clients weren’t simply because you bought facebook and Instagram ads, but rather your methodology..”


“so why do you tell prospective clients you are a facebook and Instagram ad buyer?”

In the next five minutes we documented and named her methodogy and that became her point of differentiation.

Afterwards when she spoke with prospects and won new clients it was on the back of the methodology that set her apart.

And she no longer had to worry about price shoppers and Discount Zombies

And she’s busy with the clients she wants and getting the income she deserves.

How about you?

Are you stuck in the crowd or free to set your prices according to the uniqueness and value of what you offer?

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