Low Ball Traps and P**s Poor Clients

“You know.. for that price I can hire three managers in South Africa…”

I let the moment pass in silence before I answered.

“So why haven’t you…?”

The silence returned.. but he had no answer.

And he knew his clumsy attempt to get me to desperately cut my prices was going nowhere.

Because I knew what I was offering was unique and if he wanted it formulated in the specific way it was created, he would have to get it through me.

He never did reach out to his South African manager friends.

And he never got the discount he was obsessing over like a fentanyl addict.

While I moved on to the next person who did want I offered and became a client.

Yesterday I spoke about the participants in my workshop who felt their services were a pure commodity.

Because of that self-limiting belief, one was living month by month due to low margins.  He succumbed to the discount zombie ploy more than once and so had very little money to invest in making his business better or getting the word out.

It was death by a thousand cuts…

Dinner with the family…. Well that was the family eating the meal while he was on his phone or laptop dealing with an unreasonable request from a demanding client that he knew he had to fill… because otherwise that client would go somewhere else..”

Worst of all, he found it more and more difficult to attract and retain good clients.  He thought it would get easier with more experience…but it was actually the opposite.

And it frustrated him to no end.

Until he found out why… and took the necessary steps to retake control of the destiny of his business and ultimately his life.

And that “why” is what we will cover in our upcoming Profit and Dine Differentiation Workshop Series.

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P.S. I work with information-based service business owners who started the business to have a better life, only to find themselves falling short and then getting frustrated by the broken promises and lack of results when they sought help elsewhere.

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