Marketing with a NoReply Email Campaign?

I received an email the other day.

A Helen T sends me an email asking about grabbing a coffee.

Then she proceeds to offer me 40 hour free proof of concept on how well they do web development, apps, and whatever came to mind when writing their chat GPT email.

But here’s the funny thing.

She asked me for a coffee and left no phone number or information to look her up.

In fact her email address is:  on behalf of Helen T…

So her company is so good they can’t even send a proper email?

But these are the cowboys and time wasters we have to deal with when all we want to do is grow our businesses, support our families and fulfill the dreams we have.

It’s these Helens of this world though that inspired me to find a better way to learn and grow my business.

And I discovered the world of Masterminds and Hot seats. 

Events and meetings with fellow business owners where we do not sell to each other but help each other and pass on the wisdom we have all gained in our individual journeys.

Which I’m bringing to my Sophiall community.

If you are in Dubai, save the 16th of February for the Deck and 6-9 PM. Here you will experience hot seats and possible solutions to the challenges and problems you bring.

Elsewhere we are launching our online Mastermind group next month. You can find out more information by clicking here for the Online Mastermind

Click here to find out more about our next Live Dubai Profit and Dine Mastermind .

I look forward to hopefully seeing you all soon.