No More “Waiting Tables” When Running Your Business

In the book of Acts, which documents the beginning of the Christian church, there’s a scene where the leaders are called into a dispute about how “Jewish” widows were being treated better than “Hellenist” widows.

The leaders are exasperated, saying they can’t neglect growing the church to “wait tables.” So they assign 7 people to handle the widows and other day-to-day burdens, so they can focus on the mission.

And so you have one of the earliest and best examples of delegation.

It’s true today.

How many business owners end up “waiting tables”. Too busy with the day-to-day BS to grow and expand their business.

Now delegation isn’t as simple as telling someone else to do a job.

There is an art and science to it.

And that is what our Unlock the Growth Code Delegation Mastermind on January 25th is all about.

Gain the clarity to now only identify what to delegate but to whom and how to do it. No more “delegating” and still end up becoming a baby sitter.

How to choose and train up the right team members – not everyone can be involved.

Gain trust and control, ensure that your time is freed up, and eliminate any doubt or anxiety about how the business will run or how your customers will be treated.

Delegate and create leaders who can implement your vision on a daily basis, rather than followers who constantly need your attention and all your time.

It’s about being able to take a step back so you can grow the business and make sure it does well even when you’re not there, like when you’re pursuing different opportunities or taking a family vacation.

Discover what true entrepreneurial freedom means.

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