Pricing and the Art of Not Selling Yourself Short

man on tightrope showing if he sells short will fall

I had a meeting yesterday with three other business owners in Cardiff where we talked about our experiences and challenges in running the business.

Without prompting pricing came up with each one.

Mark, (who I will be hosting a pricing workshop on 17 January), spoke about the time he pitched his first large corporate client after previously working mostly with non-profits.

Mark’s proposal was the best one in all aspects except one. But that one was enough to sink the proposal and the corporate explained why and so changed Mark’s perspective, business and life going forward.

William, who builds ERP systems and websites and works mostly with large companies related when it comes to pricing with his prospects and clients – it’s really not an issue because they are not bargain shopping – but looking for something else.

So William charges at a premium, because providing the clients that something else translates into much better sales and also savings of money than going with the cheapest provider.

Finally, Natalie was new to owning a business. Having launched her business less than a month before she was taking on all new clients who came to her.

However Natalie was taking a shortcut with pricing that leads to two problems: 1) Leaving money on the table and 2) Making client relationships more tense and antagonistic than necessary.

I will go into more detail on the key aspect of each of their stories tomorrow.

But their lessons as well as other key pricing concepts will be discussed in our 17 January Do You Charge What You’re Worth? Workshop (details to be soon released).

If you find yourself struggling to find the right price for your services or if the thought of raising prices make you uneasy than check it out.

You can reply directly to me and I will send you the details first before everyone else.

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