Profit and Dine Highlights

I’m happy to say that our last mastermind meeting was a success and exceeded expectations.

The initial challenge was about a common problem people have – how to market yourself without seeming desperate. This important problem kicked off a productive meeting, which touched on several areas and gave everyone helpful insights – including the realisation that they weren’t alone in dealing with their tough situations.

Every participant in the room experienced first-hand the power of their collective wisdom and how it led to practical steps they could apply to their business – and all before the main courses were even served. We also enjoyed listening to how one of our participants built a flourishing referral network – and how she did it.

For those who couldn’t make it, I can’t really go into detail because keeping what we talked about private is important for getting people to open up.

But suffice to say that for our main Hot Seat participant, we provided almost 10 actionable strategies he could implement immediately, including three that are unique to his industry.

If you missed the event, we’re doing it again.

Our next Profit and Dine Mastermind session will be on the Friday evening of the 8th of March. Come then and receive the insights that can potentially transform your business and life.

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