Profiting from Unlikely Opportunities After Delegating

The house was a bargain.

My business owner friend found this unique stone house in a village in Greece that requires renovation but which he can then sell at 3x the price he paid.

So he bought the house and in 10 months took several trips to Greece.

Each trip required him to be on site for several days to ensure the supplies he bought were actually delivered and installed per his specifications.

And after each trip he took the opportunity to travel elsewhere for a few days holiday with his partner.

Ahead of time he finished the project and now he’s offering the house for investment at the 3x target he set.

Will he retire on this sale of the house?


But will he earn an amazing ROI for a project lasting less than 12 months?


Could he have pulled off this same win if he was working full time in his business?

Absolutely not.

In fact, he would have never seen the opportunity in the first place because it was on one of his numerous trips to Greece every year that he spotted the house.

He has the freedom to not only spot opportunities like this but to travel the region and get premium projects for his business.

All because he strategically delegated as he grew his business.

And how he did so can be done by any other business owner.

It’s simple but cannot be described in a short email so I will share how he did so at our next Trifecta Profit and Dine Mastermind in Dubai on Wednesday 24 April. 

In this workshop dinner we will be helping business owners with first class delegation so they can step back and free themselves from the day-to-day.  

In addition, we will be helping them drive up their word-of-mouth referrals by putting them on a highway to effective referral partnerships instead of “collecting business card” networking events.

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