Rolling the Rock up Repeatedly in your Business

Do you remember the mythical tale of Sisyphus? He was the king of Ephyra (now known as Corinth) and was punished by the gods for his deceitfulness. He was condemned for to push a large boulder up a steep hill in the underworld for eternity, only for it to roll back down each time he reached the summit.

Well I met his brother

A fellow Greek who when he found out what I did begged me to help him.

“I have a wife who I never see and I’m working 16 hour days almost every day as I manage the office here in Dubai and in Italy… How can you help me free up my time as you promised?”

“Well tell me about your schedule…”

“I do XYZ ..   oh and I do spend a few hours on the keystrokes”

“Come again?”

“yeah I spend a few hours on the key strokes.  I look at what every member of my staff is doing to ensure they are not surfing the internet or anything…”

“And you’re an Architect .. right?  Not safeguarding the country from imminent missle attacks?”..

(He didn’t get the irony…)

At the end of our conversation I told him there was nothing I could do for him at this time because the first thing he needed was a mindshift change…to learn was how to trust and then how to delegate.

You see as an architect..  who gives a sh*t if they buy a dress online during office hours as long as they are accountable and do top work for the clients.

The time, money and energy he was spending to ensure no one checks a football score during office hours could much better be spent building the systems and processes that could truly free up his time by making it easy to effectively delegate the day-to-day that was also burying him.

I am extending an invite to him and to any of us pushing our own boulders up a hill to leave the rock and let it roll itself up the hill.

Instead, let’s meet up next Wednesday at the Deck Restaurant in the Palm from 4 – 9 PM.

Where we will focus on effective delegation as well as relationship building through our Profit and Dine Dual Delegation and Networking Mastermind.

Enjoy a 3-course dinner, a curated cigar experience, and invaluable networking from 4-9 PM GST.

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