Same Business Play and Pray for Better

business man with helmet and covered in mud...

Chicago … winter 1985… Bears…

Makes the frenzy around ChatGPT look like Childs play compared to the sports fever that gripped Chicago that fall.

As teenagers, and to be honest, like everyone in the city those months, we were obsessed with the team, its colourful characters, and the dominance they had.

And it was led by the 46 defense.. one of the best to ever be in the game.

Monday night.. week 13… Miami…. Where the members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins came to Miami to inspire and intimidate the current Dolphins to beat the Chicago Bears.. because they were the last undefeated NFL team and the Bears were threatening their legacy.

And Miami romped in the first half.. quick passes, quick gains and big lead in front of a rabid crowd and a huge television audience.

At halftime the Chicago coaches Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan nearly went to blows.

You see the 46 had one weakness…. Quarterbacks like Miami’s Dan Marino who could throw the ball in less than 2 seconds and hit streaking receivers.

And he did…

Ditka wanted the 46 adjusted.. that 1 second was killing them…Buddy was stubborn and told him to *** off.

And Buddy admitted later he probably should have adjusted.

Miami won the game.. the Bears went on to win the championship but that game serves as a lesson that adaptability must be given free reign.

Or your “strength” can destroy you…

Reminds me of a business where the owner wanted to sell but buyers told him he was too much wrapped in the business and so they were not interested.

Did the owner listen and begin adapting and changing how he structured and ran the business?

No… he thought it was too much work and he wasn’t bothered.

“Someone will buy me…” and he doubled down and spun the wheel again…

And again….

And the house wins.. while his chips and opportunities get smaller and smaller…

Until they are gone..

You can’t run the same play or scheme over and over again and hope this time it will be different.

You will win or lose in the ultimate objective of why you have your business in the first place based on your fundamentals.

And how adapt when facing reality.

Buddy did eventually make adjustments that game in Miami and Chicago was able to come back a bit, but it was already too late.

This owner is still looking for buyers.. but on one is returning his call…


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