The $312K Assessment

Assessment graph and pen

Ever make $312,000 in one hour?

It’s a mind staggering sum…An annual salary equivalent of $480 million.

How would you feel making that payoff after just a 60 minute survey and assessment.

Rebecca knows…

She earned that after one of my 60-minute assessments we did together.

“This person has called asking to take over my business and hire me to run it under him. The business is small and mostly worthless..  so he’s promising a good salary but to have the business for nothing…”

We decided not to take his opinion on the value of her business as an accurate measure and to look at it ourselves.

So I took her through the business value assessment we do.

She spent about 15 minutes answering the questions and we spoke about the results and different scenarios for the remaining time.

The business was small but it was worth something and in that 45 minutes Rebecca discovered what could make it ever more valuable and what she could do with it if this proposed acquisition doesn’t pan out.

Three weeks later she called me back..

Thanking me profusely and telling me how this guy came back and not only offered her a 25% raise on her salary, but that he would pay $312,000 for the business itself.

“Not a bad a ROI for a 60 minute assessment is it?  I asked Rebecca..”

“No… not a bad ROI at all…”

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My name is George Sotiropoulos

I work with small business owners who started their businesses to achieve a certain lifestyle, but ended up frustrated with broken promises and unfulfilled dreams.

 That’s when they find me and I show them exactly what path to take when investing their time and money in their business, which will lead them to the lifestyle they thought they would have.  

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