The Business Owner Commodity Trap

On a scale of 1 to 100 where would you rate your top 3 services in terms of their differentiation with 1 being a commodity like selling sand in the desert to 100 where you have a unicorn that flies and shoots a rainbow out of its …”

So I asked the participants in one of my Profit and Dine events.

And the answers surprised me.

Instead of a bell curve..  I had 80% of the participants score their services as a 1 !

Pure commodity!

I’ll be honest with you…

There was a moment of silence as this was unexpected and I wasn’t sure exactly how to respond.

Then I saw the moon reflecting off the buildings and the  boats across from us in the Palm.

A unique view to Dubai… at that time… and that place.

Only Dubai had that specific combination of commodities (sea,  buildings, boats,  and the moon) that made it special for the people paying top dollar at the restaurants around us for that view.

So you’re selling a commodity? Why do you say so?”

Because our competitors offer the same thing?”

And so your best clients buy from you because you are the cheapest?”

Of course not. We aren’t the cheapest

Then they are stupid to buy from you because they could pay less for your “commodity” with your competition… 

unless of course…. you’re not  a commodity….”

I could see the lightbulbs turning on over their heads.

And then they told me the real reason why their customers buy from them.

The unique reason they bought and were willing to pay more.

Then all I could see were the looks on their faces as they calculated what it cost them to undersell themselves…

Which we’ll discuss tomorrow.

And which I made the main topic of our next Profit and Dine Workshop Series which you can find out more here.


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