The Overlooked 80/20 Ratio in Business that can Mean Success …or not..

A few weeks ago a friend of mine introduced me to a woman who was traveling here in Dubai and looking to start her own studio in the USA.

She had never really opened an organised business by herself but over the years had build a passionate following as an influencer and yoga practitioner.

She showed me her followers on her phone and it was an impressive collection of affluent and passionate people who were her big fans.

What makes you stand out I asked?

And she revealed her method and branding around it which was unique – and powerful.

But she was worried..

What legal structure should she use?

How did she know she would succeed as she has never run a business before.

And then I told her something that blew her mind..

Most entrepreneurs would cut off their right hand to have the opportunity to start a business with a rabid loyal fanbase and a unique mechanism that could not easily be copied.

“You’re 80% done.. you have the unique audience you can easily sell repeatedly (40%) plus an offer around your USP they would find very compelling (40%).

The last 20% is everything else.. the studio, legal structure, marketing copy, etc.

You see many “fledging entrepreneurs” do it backwards.

They build the solution and then try to find the audience who wants it.

And many struggle to stand out and be heard.

She won’t have that problem and I look forward to seeing her finally launch.

How about you? Do you struggle to stand out and be heard?

If so, learn how to make yourself heard so you can capture the full value of what you provide,

Look out for our next Profit and Dine series which will be scheduled on 2 dates – one live in Dubai and one online for anyone in the world (absent the dining aspect).

Details to follow in the next few days.


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