The Price…Is Wrong…

Many of you probably grew up or remember the TV game Show “The Price is Right.”

The premise is you could win prizes such as a room full of furnishings or even a new car if you came closest to guessing the right price of the prize without going over.

It ran for decades and hugely popular as it was an easy game to play at home as you tried to guess the “winning price.”

Price Guessing was at the heart of this Game Show..

But unfortunately it’s also at the heart of the vast majority of businesses.

Ending up with most business owners leaving significant money they earned on the table and sacrificing opportunities to grow and succeed.

For example, Tom’s advertising agency was a hit-or-miss affair, with each client pitch no more than a roll of the dice.

He tried everything.

• Undercutting competitors,
• Time-based billing, even
• ‘pay what you feel’ campaigns.

But these stabs in the dark left him with an erratic income and clients who didn’t value his work.

And soon Tom was adjusting his prices as frequently as he was buying lottery tickets – in the hope of winning that elusive jackpot that would finally take the anxiety off his back.

Many of you can feel Tom’s stress.

The guessing game which can overshadow the joy of running your business.

This is why we put together our “Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration Advisory Mastermind.”

It’s the antidote to the toxic uncertainty.

We’ll share with you the practical tools, steps and insights behind effective pricing that aligns with your value and vision.

And gives you the results you want.
No more rolling the dice.

No more spinning the big wheel.

This is not just another seminar; it’s the missing piece in your business puzzle.

The practical steps you can take immediately to change your business and your life by transforming your pricing and growing your profits.

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