The Siren Song Of Under-Pricing

boat crashing into rocks where siren is singing

In the Odyssey, the Sirens were creatures that sang beautiful songs and would drive sailors nuts with desire and cause them to crash their boats on the rocks.

Unfortunately, Siren Songs have become reality in our business world.

For example, Lisa, who owned a unique boutique that was a labour of love.

She thought the way to compete was to be the most affordable, not realising that this positioned her brand in the commodity swamp and attracted the usual lot that loves to roll in mud.

Lisa tried sales, discounts, even cost-cutting suppliers, but nothing brought in the right crowd or the profits she desired.

It’s a common Siren Song in Business. The temptation to try and win by offering cheap prices and lots of volume, rather than catering to fewer but higher quality customers.

So, like Lisa, you could be stuck with pricing that doesn’t reflect your worth, and end up wasting time with customers who are only attracted by low prices and never stick around.

In our Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration Advisory Mastermind, we’ll confront the under-pricing dilemma head-on.

We’ll explore how to make your business more than a bargain and attract customers who see beyond the price tag.

It will change your life.

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