Top 3 Pitfalls To Avoid When Delegating

Next week at our Master Round Table and Cigar Experience, we’ll discuss how to take back your time by delegating effectively. Let’s also chat about avoiding three mistakes that can mess up your efforts.

Lack of Clear Instructions and Objectives:

One of the biggest killers of effective delegation is lack of accountability. A common killer of accountability is not providing clear instructions or defined objectives.

Employees are confused because they do not know what is expected of them. So they fail to meet the standards or they do so by some wasteful treacherous route.

Provide specific, clear, and actionable guidelines with every task – and tell them why that specific task needs to be done.

Insufficient Training and Resources:

Throwing your staff into the deep water and shouting “Swim” is a recipe for failure. Delegating tasks without ensuring your staff has the necessary skills, training, or resources to execute them is not only a waste of time but can sabotage you and your business.

The deep pool method soon turns into a s**t show that kills the morale and confidence of your team members.

So invest in proper training and mentoring to ensure they have access to all the necessary tools and information.

Don’t be surprised if in the beginning if mentoring takes up a little more of your time but quickly you will see the huge results and if you are able to free your time to focus on more important things – enjoy the benefits.

Failing to Empower and Trust Your Team:

Finally, delegation is not just about offloading tasks; it’s about empowering your team.

This requires trust.

If you micromanage or second-guess every decision your team makes, it can stifle their initiative and creativity.

Trust your team’s capabilities, give them the authority to make decisions within their scope of work, and be available to support them if they need it.

So there you go. Avoid these 3 pitfalls so you can effectively delegate and lead your team in becoming more productive and engaged. Set them up for success, and you gain the ultimate rewards of owing a much more valuable and independent business.


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