Unlock your True Business Potential for 2024

“We need to meet as soon as possible!”

I could hear the panic in her voice and so I agreed to an impromptu late evening coffee after my last client meeting.

We met and she told me how they were traveling over the Christmas holiday but making a stop to speak with a potential acquirer for their business.

“I need to know what price I can ask..?”

And so over a coffee we spoke about her business.  It’s triumphs and challenges and what she could hope to get for it.

Now this was just a coffee so we couldn’t go into great detail but in the first five minutes I realised two things:

  1. She had a profitable and growing business.
  2. She was delusional on how much she could get for it –

I didn’t want her throwing herself over a bridge so we agreed for her to do our assessment and we would reconvene in 48 hours over dinner and dive into the assets and obstacles in her business.

When we met again two days later we went through the assessment report and talked about the highlights and lowlights of what it was saying.

I didn’t have to worry about any bridges.

And best of all, she got more excited about leveraging what she had to grow her business more methodically – and in a more sellable way – then begging for scraps from the table with this company over her holiday.

The holidays have come and gone and we spoke this week about how her meeting went.

It was positive across the board.

She entered and left the meeting in a position of strength.

And she is in the driver’s seat as she decides what is best for her and the business.

She has gained clarity and enhanced her potential for 2024 and future opportunities.

Including the negotiation of a strategic partnership with this investor, which she can use to accelerate her growth plans and position herself for a much larger payout within 24-36 months.

Fancy more Clarity (and profits) for Your Business?

Gaining Clarity is the focus of our upcoming 4 week Roadblocks you Can’t Ignore Online Advisory Series starting Monday 15 January at 7 PM GST / 3 PM GM / 10 AM EST online. 

In this exclusive 4 part advisory series, we’ll discuss four key roadblocks and solutions you can implement in your own business.

This interactive session is designed to help you blast these roadblocks away and unleash your full potential.

Here’s what we will accomplish over the next four sessions:

  • Stand out from the Competition, so you get the best customers who are happy to deal with you on your terms and refer you to others. 
  • Learn Simple Ways To Delegate, so you can Grow your Business without having to be everywhere at once
  • Price Your Worth and Stop Leaving Money at the Table. No longer worry about losing business because of what you charge.
  • Uncover your Best Products and/or Services to grow your business the easiest and fastest. 

Here’s what to expect

Exploration and thought-provoking discussions that give you new perspectives and often solutions from other Business Owners facing the same types of challenges.

Personalised Guidance and Answers to your questions and challenges.

The workshop details are as follows:

Part 1: 15 January 7 PM GST / 10 AM EST.  Stand out from the Competition

Part 2:  22 January 7 PM GST / 10 AM EST.  Learn Simple Ways to Delegate

Part 3: 29 January 7 PM GST / 10 AM EST.  Price your Worth and Stop Leaving Money at the Table

Part 4: 5 February 7 PM GST / 10 AM EST.  Stand out from the Competition

Bonus Open Q&A and Hot Seats: 15 January 7 PM GST / 10 AM EST.  Stand out from the Competition

Venue: Online.  Access Details will be sent upon registration.

All Sessions will be recorded so if you cannot attend live you will still be given a full recording.

Price: USD $125 which is priced at a steal so you can see what it’s like working with me (just so you know, for the value and content you will receive, my live advisory clients would invest at minimum USD $3,100).

If at the end of your first actual session with me, you do not feel we exceeded what I promised, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Secure your spot today by clicking the link below. 

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