When Customers Squeeze You

A sinister man surrouned by a python snake

Pythons kill their prey through constriction. They use their powerful bodies to wrap around their prey and squeeze it tightly until it suffocates or dies of cardiac arrest. Once the prey is dead, the python will then swallow it whole, headfirst. This method of killing and consuming prey allows pythons to feed on animals much larger than themselves.

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Ever deal with PIA Pythons?

Most likely, if you have had your business for a while, you have the scars to prove that you have been squeezed by one of them.

PIA Pythons or Pain in the A * Customers, as they are generally known, can squeeze you dry if you allow them.

You know them by their stripes.

They complain the most but pay you the least.

They agree to your price and then demand discounts.

They sign off on your promise but complain and try to get freebies or discounts by questioning everything you do.

I had a friend who almost lost her small marketing agency from one of these.  They would contact her all hours of the day and on we

I asked her how much time she spent on them and how much money they made for her.

As anticipated.. 80/20..  80% of the time. .. 20% of the profits.

Let alone 100% of the insanity she was starting to suffer from.

“Fire Them…” I recommended.

“Yesterday if possible…”

“But, I need the money….”

“Trust me.. fire them and take that 80% of your time to invest in your best customers and finding new ones and you’ll make up the money in droves…”


She followed my advice.

Once she fired the PIA, she got new customers who paid more, and she made up for what she lost from the PIA in a few weeks.

Now you don’t always have to fire a PIA.

Sometimes you have to lay down the law and tell them how working with you will be.

Your rules..  especially if they want results you provide that will change their lives.

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