Why Give your Spouse the Same Gift You Give the Dead?

An old family friend who lived into his 90s was laid to rest this week.

And a bouquet of flowers was placed in his grave…

Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday.

And the most popular birthday gift is a nice bouquet of flowers..


Am I wrong in saying flowers really are a useless gift when it comes to celebrations?

I understand they are beautiful and smell well, but they will be dead in a few hours..

And then you have to “complete” the gift with the indignity of throwing it in the garbage or compost heap.

Flowers are often seen as the go-to gift, but jewelry, clothing, and other gifts can last much longer and definitely much more useful.

Now here’s the thing about flowers.

They are also useless for the poor florists who have to sell them in terms of helping them build a successful business and valuable asset.

Average florists have to deal with wastage close to 60%. They end up throwing away more than half their inventory before they even sell it…. (again these pretty weeds die way too soon…).

But, you can build a successful business and asset when you think outside the box and bring in one solution.


Sonu Panda and Bryan Burkhart are the Co-founders of H.Bloom. Their company delivers flowers but only on subscription and mostly to hotels and other businesses.

They created a recurring revenue model and because they knew how many subscribers and orders they had per month, they could manage their inventory to nearly eliminate spoilage.

In fact, whereas other florists were dealing with chucking 6 out of every 10 flowers they bought into the bin, Sonu and Bryan were selling 98 out of 100 flowers to a customer base eager to buy and not sensitive to the price.

Their wastage…. ? Only 2%.

This allowed them to enjoy a customer lifetime value of $4,524 vs $29 average order value in a typical florist.

So which business do you think is more enjoyable to run?

Which do you think is more valuable and will better help the owners meet their life and financial goals today and tomorrow?

And what is a great gift for a wonderful wife and mother to my children that will not die by Tuesday?

To your Success and Sanity,


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