Will More Customers Propel….or Bury You?

Earlier we related how George Business Advisor GPT was asked 3 tips for growing a business.  The first step was on Differentiation. The 2nd step, which I’ll talk about today is Scalability.


  1. Develop a Scalable Business Model: Focus on creating offerings that are scalable. This involves standardizing or productizing your services wherever possible and ensuring that your business model can handle increased demand without proportional increases in costs or resources.


For example, instead of offering only customized solutions, you could develop standardized service packages that can be efficiently delivered to a larger number of clients.


This is an eye opener for many owners who are currently buried in the business. When they are able to go through their solutions and identify the truly scalable ones and focus on those.. they can often take the heavy burden off their back and grow the business much faster than they imagined.

For example, I had a client who was focusing on food delivery to both businesses and homes.

They created highly personalised services that really pampered prospects with flexibility and choice.

For example, they once customised a whole van to send to a home one hour away in a very nice neighborhood. Inside the van were lots of products for the homeowner to choose and which she had asked about.

And the homeowner picked one product with a total price of ….




Now their business clients were a different story.

They were repeat buyers on subscription and never nickled and dimed them.

And they didn’t have the lack of class that the $1 lady in the Million Dollar Villa possessed.

After this fiasco, we sat down and did a scalability assessment together on all their services.

And it was quickly apparent that home delivery was a big loser.   Too much competition and they didn’t have the infrastructure to scale on it.

So they jettisoned the home delivery and focused solely on their business clients.

And today they are enjoying their highest sales and profits ever.


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