Work, Life and Profits

When it comes to growing your business, many owners revert to the University lifestyle of pulling in all-nighters and long days.

They listen to Elon Musk tweeting about how he works 35 hours a day because somehow time stops for him.

And they think that is the way to success and prosperity.

Hard work ? yes.

Slavery? No.

In fact, being ruthless with your schedule and that means adding time for personal and family, can actually help you grow your business faster and bigger than if you worked yourself all hours of the day. Here are some reasons why.

Improved Mental Health & Productivity
If you were going in for heart surgery, would you want your surgeon to be exhausted? How safe would you feel if he managed only 3 hours of sleep a day for the last seven days in a row?

Exhaustion is one of the main reasons why we make mistakes when running a business. It clouds all our decisions with fatigue and stress which, in turn, leads to poorer decision making and productivity overall.

That’s why taking regular breaks to relax and unwind is so important. You have the opportunity to take a step back and clear your mind so that you can come back with fresh ideas and insights about how best to move forward with your business.

Personal Health
Taking care of yourself and safeguarding your health is essential. If you get sick, or disabled, what happens to your business?

Allocating time each day for exercise or reading will help strengthen you mentally and physically. Best of all it helps you recharge your creativity and brainstorming.

Ironic that taking time off work can actually drive up your productivity.

A Better Work/Life Balance
Having a better work/life balance allows you to take control of your life rather than having your business control you.

If you set some boundaries between work and personal time, you won’t have to worry about neglecting either area because you’re trying to do too many things at once.

Additionally, Spending quality time with family can reduce conflict and eliminate the stress that can distract you at work.

Harmony at home helps you better focus on the business when necessary.
Increased Creativity & Innovation
Eugene Schwartz, one of the top copywriters of the 20th Century, had a strict schedule for his writing time. 38 minutes nonstop with no distractions and then a break.

It makes sense. Just like interval physical training (sprint – rest – sprint) helps achieve peak performance, so does mental intervals. You give your brain a mental break and come back after your break with more energy and focus.

If you feel you are in a rut on tackling a problem, take regular breaks and then come back at it.

That said, the work time must be focused. No Facebook, sports scores, or any other nonsense you can use to procrastinate.

A disciplined schedule can help you step back and keep the strategic view of the business in mind. It can also help you get out of the daily grind and refocus on the specific tasks and strategies to propel your company’s growth.

Taking a small break could make all the difference between success & failure when it comes to it at the end of the day.

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