Your Pricing Might Keep You Up at Night

Ever wake up in the middle of the night ….


… exhausted from hard day work and discouraged by low cash in the bank?


.. with a spinning head as you deal with an increasing number of higher urgency demands from impatient customers – even though you and your staff are flat out busy?


… “pissed off” at being blackmailed from prospects and customers who tell you “how much cheaper” your competitors are?


If so, the culprit most likely is how you price and not how many customers you get, or where you advertise, or how hard everyone is working.


Pricing is not an abstract math exercise.


It’s not only about the money you charge.


Pricing communicates clearly who you really are, what you promise – and how much you put on the line to execute that promise.


For example, in my finance FX sales days, I often took clients to Zuma for Sushi and drinks. 


Often the bill for four people would come out to at least $1,000… if not more.


It was expensive….  9x as much as if I took them to a sushi joint in the mall.


Zuma’s experience had to be much more than 9x better than the strip mall to justify our time and the price they charged us.


And it was…


Which meant Zuma had to execute flawlessly – every single time.


They could not fall short.. could not let standards slip..


Why ?


Because they were communicating they would deliver exceptional quality and an amazing experience every time.


Did they communicate that promise through adverts?  — No. they didn’t really advertise.


It was the pricing on their menu.  The figures that screamed “we are expensive but worth it… That you can bring your clients to us and we will make you look good in their eyes.”


And they did… consistently…


Now let’s say Zuma charged the Sushi at the mall prices.


The experience would be much different.


…Discount Zombies instead of business clients who pay for quality.


… Harried and too busy staff who would churn instead of productive and efficient top of the line staff.


— little to no cash so no investment in the customer experience and ultimately a decline in quality to the anchor level of the prices.


Which situation do you think would make you sleep better at night?


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To Your Success and Sanity,




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