Achieve What 1 out of 20 Owners Accomplish Day 4

Over the last three posts we have been talking about a “sellable business.”

So let’s talk about how you can make your business one of the 1 out of 20 that is able to sell at the top one day.

And here’s the important takeaway. Doesn’t matter if you plan to sell or not. A Premium sellable business is the most profitable, efficient, and enjoyable business you can own.

And it begins with the machine.

Transforming your business into a well-oiled machine that can run smoothly, even when you’re not there.

It’s like sending off your children on their own to a summer camp where they can thrive and you have peace of mind. Same thing with your business. You set up efficient systems and processes, and voila, your business can function even without you have to be everywhere at once and making the decisions.

Then there’s the team you’ve got. Imagine a basketball team that only relies on one player – not ideal, right? Even the Chicago Bulls had to eventually surround Michael with Scottie Pippen and later Dennis Rodman.

So, let’s flip the script. Building a great team is not just about hiring the best people, but also about nurturing a culture where everyone steps up, shares ideas, and takes responsibility.

When your team can slam dunk even on days you’re not on the court, that’s when you know you’re on track.

And of course financials and its reporting. Solid financials are like the health check-ups for your business. They tell you how your business is doing and where it’s heading.

You want consistent income, a steady cash flow, and clear financial records. Think of it like your business’s report card, showing how well it’s doing and where it can improve.

And lastly, how do you stand out in a crowded market – that special something that makes customers pick you over others.

It’s like choosing your favorite restaurant – sure, there are many out there, but this one… this one just knows how to do it with that special touch.

In the coming days, we’re going to deep dive into each of these areas, helping you figure out how to make your business more sellable.

Remember, I’m giving a presentation on 31 May 2023 at this link where we will talk about this and more.

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