Grow on Principles Instead of Fads

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Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut with your business? 

Are you feeling invisible and looking for ways to stand out from your competitors? 

If so, understanding your customer’s needs and how your solutions solve them is key. 

It’s what we spoke about most of last week.

We’re going to touch on it again this week but with key principles of persuasion and direct response marketing. These will help make your business stand out and show customers why they should choose you

So this week is dedicated to my friends, mentors and colleagues whose day to day business is in the realm of Direct Response Marketing.

From Copywriting to List Building to Printing to Media Buying to the whole package.

And the best way to honour them is to highlight how the timeless principles that drive their business can grow your business. 

You don’t need to rely on “pie in the sky branding”.

You don’t need to freak about about AI.

.. and you sure as hell don’t need to open your data and habits willingly to massive foreign surveillance entities. 


Here’s what I’ll touch on the next few posts.

Principle 1: Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audience, what core problem(s) they have, and the solution(s) you offer are key to success. 

Knowing what makes them tick and what motivates them to purchase from you will help you understand the conversations they have in their head. 

By understanding their needs, wants, and desires, you can create solutions that speak directly to them—and make sure they come back for more.


Principle 2: Offer Solutions That People Need or Want

If someone doesn’t need or want what you offer, chances are they won’t buy it. It doesn’t matter how great your sales pitch is if nobody has a use for it. 

Think about what solutions people actually need or want before creating something new. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—simply find a way to improve an existing product or service in some way that makes it more attractive to customers.


Principle 3: Focus on Benefits Not Features

When selling a product or service, focus on the core benefits rather than boring them to tears by just listing features or proving how smart you are. 

Ask yourself: “What’s in it for them?” How does this benefit the customer? What problems does it solve for them? Why should they choose this over something else – or doing nothing? 


Principle 4: Be Transparent and Build trust

People want to do business with those they trust. They have to learn to trust you before investing in anything you offer—so transparency is key when building trust with potential customers. 

Make sure everything is upfront and honest; no hidden costs or surprises.  And don’t be a cheap *** and nickel and dime them! 

Be clear about pricing and terms of service (which means don’t be embarrassed to charge the full value of what your solution is worth). Being clear, direct and consistent helps build trust with your customers and ultimately leads to more sales down the line.


Principle 5: Keep Things Simple & Easily Understood 

Nobody likes being bombarded with information all at once—so keep things simple!  

Make sure everything is easily understood by everyone—even those who aren’t engineers! 

Simplifying complex topics into language for 10 year olds makes it easier for potential customers to grasp what you’re offering—which can lead to more sales. 

In short, “KISS – Keep it simple, Stupid.”

See you on the next few posts..


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