Lusting After Predictability

couple at a table

I have a confession to make…

Growing up I was one of those young men who often felt sorry for himself when the girl he was attracted to threw me in the friend zone and went out with the “bad boy”.

It drove me nuts as logically I could not figure out why.

Until I was told..

Predictability is boring.

Bad boys are not predictable. They are challenging. Dangerous. Sexy…

And it was a comedy of errors when I tried to do the same.

Luckily I grew up.

But here’s the thing..

Predictability is sexy…. Very sexy.. when it comes to how attractive a buyer or investor looks at your business.

Danger, Risk, Challenge to understand destroy a business.

Revenues that are predictable. Growing, and which you can set your clock can lead to a stampede to your door of people asking you “how much…. How much for the business.?”

And Recurring revenues are the hottest of the bunch.

And if you can take your current products or services and learn where and how to introduce recurring aspects (where it makes sense) it can do several things at once:

Peace of mind – you don’t have to deal with the ups and down.. mountains and valleys of sales volatility.

Confidence – you know better how to staff and what resources you need to invest to run your business because you know almost 100% what your reveneus will be in the next three, six, twelve or even more months.

Attractiveness – Finally recurring revenues on a dollar by dollar basis can often by valued 3x or even more from a buyer over the same amount that has to be hunted and killed every day.

Now it’s not as easy as chewing gum. Subscriptions are everywhere now. So what you offer has to have some real value.

But if you can make your business more recurring you will not only free yourself from significant day to day tasks but also have the satisfaction of seeing your profits shoot up and know the business is on the right track months or even years ahead.


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