Stand Out and Kick the Competition to the Curb

Range from House of Pops Online store

“To compete in Dubai, you have to radically differentiate…”

  • Mazen Kannan, Founder House of Pops

I was part of a meeting on Wednesday with the Hellenic Business Council where we met Mazen Kannan, founder of healthy popsicle and icecream business House of Pops which is taking Dubai by storm.

And what he had to say reinforced everything we have been talking this week about the connection between standing out and attracting the customers you want to build the business that gives you the life you desire.

“We have only 5 natural ingredients.  Any 7 year old understands everything they are eating in one of our ice fruit pops.  Compare that to our competitor who has 30+ ingredients, many which you don’t even know what they mean.”

Can you think of a better image to show how you can stand out?

And here’s another insight..

With our differentiation we are able to charge AED 20 per fruit pop even through the industry norm was AED 8.  Our customers wanted healthy snacks and were willing to pay for it..”

Again.. effective differentiation means getting the customers you want who are willing to buy from you on your price and terms.

Naturally that translates into higher profits that you can then invest back into the business and further enhance what makes you stand out.

Ice fruit pops were a commodity before Mazen stepped in.  Now they are a viable and exciting snack that parents can give their kids without worrying about them rotting their teeth or packing on the weight.

There’s a lot to unpack here which is beyond our scope today.

But in our Profit and Dine Differentiation Series we dive into how you can stand out in your business, communicate it effectively, and gain the customers to give you the business and life you want.

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