Stop! No More Discounts for the Price-Squeezing Undead

crowd of Zombies

Hi George, just read your article and boy, does this message resonate once you become a business owner. Even after all the years of experience garnered in one’s field of expertise, you still get asked for discounts or the “I know someone who can do it cheaper”. 😅

  • Denver M (Dubai)


It was a great observation from Denver on my post earlier this week.

And it encapsulates exactly what happens when children try to play in the big leagues.

Now I’m not talking about people not being able to afford your solution.

That is a completely different and understandable situation. 

I’m talking more about people who want the benefits of what you provide but don’t want to invest or do the work themselves to make it happen.

And it’s amazing.

I’ve met so many business owners who get super protective about their prices but will do anything to force a discount from someone else.

When you ask them if they would drop their prices to accommodate an equal ridiculous request, they look at you as if you’re from Mars.

And more time is wasted.

It’s obvious but no one walks into the Lamborghini dealership and argues with the sales guy that the car is too much because he can just go down the street and buy a dozen Nissan Sunnys for that price.

(Now of course it would be fun to watch the some big bouncer at the dealership throw him out of the car shop like a an abusive drunk at a bar..  but I digress… )

This is why being able to stand out and effectively communicate your unique sauce or USP is so important.

As a business owner, unless you run a school, nursery or childcare of any kind, you really don’t want these Discount Zombie Children of the Corn to take up all your time.

Or even worse.. forcing you into bad pricing or other strategic mistakes.

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