The Master Thief in your Business – Part 1

business man dressed up as thief in boardroom

David was dumbfounded.

His best buddy and “advice guru” Nathan wanted to catch up for breakfast.


and Nathan told David to clear his entire morning.

“Beth” David called out to his PA.. “Scrap everything until 2 and move what you can to after 3…. Arrange for someone to pick up my daughter from school and collect Sheba from the groomers.”

David bolted and had just entered the lift when he saw the usual crowd with the usual questions forming outside his office door.

He had just made it or would have been stuck answering the same hows and whys for at least 25 minutes.

Well, at least that is a positive start to the day.

David jumped into the backseat of a cab and was on his way.

“On my way…. What’s going on? “

“you’re getting robbed…”

That was unexpected…

David bit his lip so hard he began to taste the salty blood trickle on his tongue..

“Who and How?”

“I’ll explain when I see you…I’m already here…. Usual booth .. Want something to drink or eat?”

“Just a coffee… not hungry…. who is it? Don’t tell me it’s that witch from accounting…”

No response…

But the cab was already there..

David paid and dashed inside

No time for small talk .

“So what’s going on?”

“you’re being robbed and it’s been getting worse for years.

You have a key guy who has a mistress at the office and he’s spending all his time and money on her. Even using his kid’s college fund and his own retirement savings on her.

And she has him by the tip of her finger. He spends more time with her than his own family and she demands constant attention…”

“Who are they?”

“The funny thing is although he grumbles about how high-maintenance she is… he actually enjoys that she’s all over him. She’s the first and last he talks to every day.

And when he’s home.. he’s always on the phone thinking about her and even dreams about her.”

“Who is he and how is he stealing from me?”

“.. day after day..they’re skimming… where you should be growing your wealth …it’s actually falling…

“oh and they send key people away when they come to your doors…”

“Who are they ?!” David nearly shouted as he stood up and put his face in Nathan’s.

“I want their ***** names and their s*** out of my office when I get back..”

“ Why David…” Nathan smiled for the first time as he lifted a piece of croissant…

“I’m surprised you don’t know…!”

To Be Continued.

To your Success and Sanity,

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