The Master Thief in your Business Part 2

In part 1, David was summoned to a breakfast by his friend and advisor Nathan who told him someone was robbing him and having an affair in the business.

“Who are they ?!” David nearly shouted as he stood up and put his face in Nathan’s.

“I want their ***** names and their s*** out of my office when I get back..”

“ Why David…” Nathan smiled for the first time as he lifted a piece of croissant…

“I’m surprised you don’t know…!”

Now David’s head was spinning..

“what do you mean …. How am I supposed to know..?”

“Let’s look at finance and accounting…”

“Jack? He’s ripping me off?…”

“I didn’t say that…”

“Good, because when we had that pain of a consultant who kept asking for 36 months trailing PNL.. I stood by Jack and got rid of the guy after he suggested getting rid of Jack. This would be a terrible thank you for loyalty…”

“It’s not Jack…”

But David was on a roll…

“The Jack has his issues for sure.. I mean it’s a bit worrying he can’t produce last 3 years of accurate PNL from any date in time, but he insists our business is unique and his excel sheet captures it all.

“It’d be a real slap… if he’s been stealing behind my back…”

“Like I said.. It’s not Jack…”

“Then who in finance and accounting?…”

“what are your numbers saying?.. what is your ROI and ad spend telling you?”

“I don’t know.. I check my bank balances often and look at the profit numbers end of each week. Cash hasn’t really grown but profits seem to be doing ok. Don’t see anything suspicious there…

“And our auditors overseas haven’t brought up anything and signed off on everything.. so If not Jack, why are you mentioning looking at someone in Finance..”

“I didn’t say look at someone in Finance.. I asked what your financials are telling you..”

“Cut the crap .. Nathan.. who is it?”

“Hold on, let me ask you something else…”

David just rolled his eyes and let out a big sigh..

To Be Continued…

To your success and sanity.

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