The Master Thief in your Business – Part 3

Business man dressed as a thief..

In parts 1&2, David received an urgent breakfast invite from his buddy and guide, Nathan. The bombshell? Someone was having an affair at the office and stealing from David’s own child and future.

Nathan leaned back,

“What about Sales, David? How’s that going for you?”

” They’re going all out, Nathan. It feels like we’re constantly sprinting just to keep up with the pace of customer acquisition. It’s a revolving door; as fast as we’re getting new customers in, we’re losing the old ones once their service contract wraps up.”

“Why do you lose so many when the service contract ends?”

“Nathan, you know what it’s like.. we offer a promotion.. they sign up.. as soon as they’re done they go with the cheapest option out there.. which we can’t compete, although I’ve offered discounts and cut prices to try…”

Nathan didn’t interrupt, didn’t comment. He simply raised an eyebrow, letting David pour out his thoughts. There was no judgment, only quiet understanding, as David spilled the inner workings of his company.

“We had this plan, you know? A subscription-based model. It looked promising on paper. Steady revenue, more predictable cash flow… But I axed it.

“It would’ve required a brand new licensing system. The benefits weren’t concrete enough for me.. all I could see were additional costs that I wasn’t ready to shoulder.”

David paused, picking up his cooling coffee and taking a sip.

“I had to make other tough calls too. Like our customer service department. I was ruthless, Nathan. I outsourced the whole thing. Slashed the costs. The transition was a mess, but we got there in the end.”

David gave Nathan a questioning look…

“It can’t be a vendor ripping me off, can it? I’ve gone through the audits with a fine-tooth comb, it’s all above board. I made sure of it.”

David’s voice trailed off, the words full of conviction. His hand wrapped tighter around the coffee cup.

Nathan stayed silent … tapping his croissant against the side of his plate in thought.

David’s face began to focus and he started right at Nathan…

“Nathan, what if you’re wrong?

To Be Continued…

To your Success and Sanity,

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